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Welcome to The Mad Crafter, your one-stop shop for laser cut craft items!
I wanted to create something for myself that I was proud of and wanted to showcase. One night I expressed my ideas to my dad which made him think.

My dad wasn’t keen on me being sat out in the cold garage creating products. I also wasn’t going to get my dad to help me set up a small studio inside his garage and so the small flicker of light (hope) I thought I was seeing started getting smaller. I wasn’t ready to give up and was finding ways to make it work.

Few sleepless nights later my dad came up with the idea of setting up a temporary office in a storage room which once was my little brothers bedroom, but he moved out. I wasn’t keen on the idea but thought it’s an idea. Me and my dad decided to pull apart an old double bed boxed frame base and used it for creating a working desk. The bed base was the foundation of something extraordinary, and there it was that light, I thought this is it we are going to make this happen. I set up my working space all my machines and materials and I kid you not I’m in love with my office/workspace. It’s like nothing I’ve never seen before, it is Creative , thinking outside the box, and basically using what we’ve got to make the dreams come true.

My dad was upset, he said “ This is not what I wanted to create for you, I wanted to create something better”
I said “no dad….I love my space I’m so proud of what we have created we utilised whatever we had none can say they have a creative office and workstation made out of a bed. This is where my venture evolved at the start of 2023 when I decided to name my business The Mad Crafter.

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