Handcrafted trinket trays - perfect for displaying jewellery, keys, and other small items. Add style to any room. Chose from the collection today!


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These gorgeous trinket trays are perfect for displaying items in your home such as candles, creams, jewellery and perfumes.  They can also be used for keys, or small items that you want to see for easy access.  They will look beautiful on most surfaces and will also make a great gift.

All items are made with Jesmonite which is an eco-friendly product and sealed with a non-toxic sealant.  They are all handmade and will therefore have some variations in the pattern style due to the process of making them. 

Items in the images other than the dishes are not for sale.

These Jesmonite items are made with love and care and due to them being handmade, air bubbles may be visible which gives them a unique feature. They are splash proof but not dishwasher proof.  To clean, use a damp cloth.

I am a small business and hope you enjoy these products as much as I did making them!